5 Phases of Decluttering

How to declutter in 5 easy steps

How to declutter in 5 easy steps

The day after Christmas up to New Year's Eve and Spring break, I love to declutter. It's one of my most favorite things I love to do! The reason is that I believe and feel that when I decluttering, I'm like starting all over. I have a chance to make new and better decisions. Once I'm finished decluttering, it's like my mind is clear and now I can sit down and make new goals and rituals. It's seriously really cool and fun.

Decluttering is no easy task, and I'm sure many would not find it as exciting as I do. There's a lot of emotion that can go into decluttering. Not everyone is as into getting rid of things. For that reason, I want to discuss the three phases of decluttering.

PHASE 1: The Decluttering Mindset

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To get into the right mindset we want to start with not comparing what we have with what others have. It doesn't matter if someone has more than I do. The point of getting rid of unnecessary things is to create a calm environment. We don't need to justify why we're getting rid of certain items and we shouldn't pressure someone to get rid of their things (this is something I need to work on).

PHASE 2: Look at the Costs of Clutter

When you have too much stuff you would be surprised as to how it affects your emotions. Here are just five of the costs of clutter...but there are a lot more.

  • Clutter causes frustration.

  • Clutter causes embarrassment.

  • Clutter makes you waste time looking for things.

  • Clutter makes it harder to keep a clean home.

  • Clutter can be dangerous! Just think about tripping over things on the floor or things spilling out of your cabinets.

PHASE 2: Look at the Benefits of Decluttering

On the other hand, there are so many benefits of having less stuff. I'm going to list just five of those things, but there are a lot more.

  • Decluttering makes more space to be enjoyed.

  • Decluttering makes cleaning your home easier and faster.

  • Decluttering your home and making space is safer.

  • Decluttering saves you money when you see what you already have and what you doing need to purchase.

  • Decluttering teaches your children good habits.

PHASE 4: Decluttering Process

First, schedule a day, weekend or week to declutter. I told you I declutter the week between Christmas and New Year's and again during Spring Break. Depending on how often you need to declutter, I don't always declutter my entire home, but sometimes it's necessary.

Begin with a room that is really bothering you. I started this year with my girl's playroom. They just had too many things and I needed to make room for the new toys. Once I finished with the playroom, I moved on to the kitchen, then our closet, and then the office.

PHASE 5: What to do with everything

Once you've finished your decluttering project, figure out what to do with all of your things. I personally donate it most of it and sell my books, CDs, and DVDs to a company called sellyourbooks.com They make it really easy to remove your clutter and make a little bit of money in the process. You can also give some items to your friends, nieces, nephews or whoever you want to give your items to.

Anyway, I hope you've learned a thing or two on decluttering. Have a home with space reduces so much anxiety and stress that you will enjoy decluttering from here on out. I mean I even declutter when I'm stressed because it helps relieve it.

Watch the video below to get more insight.

Let me know if you plan to declutter this week!