5 Questions to ask yourself before making a purchase

Do you make impulsive purchases?

Do you make impulsive purchases?

As part of our minimalist journey, my husband and I have decided to ask ourselves important and reflection questions before making a purchase.

As I’ve mentioned before, I love to declutter, but the clutter always seems to build up because we purchase items that we don’t need but have been lured to purchase. Minimalism is a great way to create boundaries around your purchases. It forces you to really think about the item you’re buying so that you have more money to do more enjoyable things.

Below are the 7 questions to ask yourself before making any purchase.

Shop like a minimalist

Shop like a minimalist

  1. Do I already have it or something like it? When one’s house has a lot of clutter and may be disorganized, it is really easy to go and buy something that you already have because you can’t find it. Once you’ve decluttered and organized your home, do an inventory of what you have before making any further purchases.

  2. Do I really need it? If you don’t have the item that you want to purchase, then ask yourself if you really need. In other words, does the item you want to purchase serve a bigger purpose or is it just immediate satisfaction?

  3. Will I use it often? This is a great question to ask yourself. As I decluttered I realized that I had purchased items that I only used once. Although I thought I would use it more than once, the item ended up just sitting in a cabinet. If you can find an alternative to the item you want to purchase, then that is the better than purchasing something you’ll only use once.

  4. Where will I store it? Sometimes there is no room for the items we want. If that is the case, then go back to question number two and ask yourself if you really need it.

  5. Does it serve a purpose? Items need to serve a specific purpose otherwise it’s just clutter and money wasted. For examples, when purchasing toys for your children, ask yourself if this toy will teach your child a skill. Not all toys need to teach skills but they do need to be the majority of the toys.

I hope these questions help you keep the clutter at a minimum. Remember the less you have, the more you enjoy life. You spend less time cleaning and picking up after others.

Let me know how these questions helped you look at future purchases.

Watch the video below where I talk more on the subject.