5 Steps to Simplify Your Kitchen

Do you want to simplify your kitchen?

Do you want to simplify your kitchen?

The kitchen is typically one of the busiest places in our homes. It’s a place for food and conversation. It’s requires room to make a mess and then clean it up. The kitchen is place that may collect a lot of unnecessary trinkets like magnets, toy cars, plants, and so much more.

When you think about your kitchen, what is the clutter that comes up to mind? Is it all of the shiny gadgets? Or is it all of the duplicates of kitchen supplies you have? Has your cookbook collection grown even though you only use maybe one or two of them?

Before you declutter you kitchen, set some goals. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of the kitchen? Do you want to make health, simple meals? Do want it to be simple to clean? Do you want it to be a place of camaraderie between your family and friends?

Follow the next steps to help you simplify your kitchen:

  1. Relocate Items: Do you have items in your kitchen that don’t belong? Like books, toys, notebooks, etc. These items are taking up room when they either belong in the trash or in another part of the house.

  2. Remove Duplicates: Many of us have duplicates due to people giving us multiple items, or us buying an item we thought was lost. When you are decluterring duplicates, be sure and ask your self, do I need it? if you hardly every use to a tool or never use it, it’s probably not necessary to keep.

  3. Clear Counters: If you can’t see your counters, it may be because you have too many items on it. If you have smaller counter space, it may be even harder to keep them clear. I know, I live in an apartment with a very tiny kitchen. Remove appliances like the toaster, cutting board, coffee maker and such. Although, it may be easier to leave such items on the counters, the purpose of clearing out the counters is deeper than cleanliness, it’s about removing the stress.

  4. Remove Appliances: Do you have appliances that you’re not using? We really don’t need all of the latest gadgets. We don’t need an electric can opener, we can use a manual one. A manual one takes up less room too. Go through your appliances and see if there is simpler way to get what you want. You may also want to invest in a blender that can be used for multiple reasons like making soups, smoothies, dips and more!

  5. Give every item a proper home: All items should have a place. Designate a drawer for your utensils and placemats. Use the cupboards for plates, pots, pans and containers.

Once you have a simple, organized kitchen, you’ll see how much easier it is to go and cook delicious meals for yourself and your family.

Watch the video below where I talk more on the subject.