5 Ways to Age Confidently

5 Ways to Age Confidently

5 Ways to Age Confidently

We live in a day and age where beauty is celebrated. We don’t look at the wisdom of people but how youthful they look when they are in fact older.

I know I’m guilty of this too. I like to look youthful and I’m always trying on skincare to see if it makes me look 10 years younger. Skincare is definitely a vice of mine.

Proverbs 31:30 says, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.” I honestly love this verse because it reminds us of what beauty is. In our modern day society we confuse beauty with kindness, beauty with strength, beauty with knowledge and wisdom. However, outer beauty doesn't last. It is our character that defines our natural beauty. It is how we treat others that defines our natural beauty. It is our wisdom that defines our natural beauty.

February is my birthday month and I’ve been talking about aging. Aging is something that no one escapes. Our birthday’s are a reason to celebrate and give thanks for all of our blessings. We can either age with happily or age grumpily. How we view aging is a choice.

Today I want to talk about five ways to age confidently. These tips will help bring more joy into your life and to the lives of others.

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  1. Be Open to Learn: No one knows everything. There is always something to learn. And if we’re open, we can continue to learn new valuable things every day. I do want to clarify that learning doesn’t mean accepting or applying. It just means to learn and have a better understanding of a concept that you may not be familiar with.

  2. Live on Purpose: When you know your purpose, you can create a fulfilled life. To live on purpose means work around your fear and work on your confidence to do what you’re meant to do, well.

  3. Live in the Present: Living in the present can take some practice. Living in the present requires you to focus on what’s in front of you. Not on what happened in the past or worry about the future.

  4. Grace Not Perfection: No matter how much we work on ourselves, we are always going to make mistakes. It’s part of the human experience. When we do mess up, we need to learn to forgive ourselves. Especially if we’re working on acquiring new skills that will make us better human beings. We have to be patient and kind with ourselves during this time.

  5. Give Thanks: When you give thanks for your blessings you live a happier more fulfilled life. There is something about giving thanks that your perspective on life improves. Make it a habit to give thanks daily and see how your attitude improves.

Living in the present can be a challenge for me sometimes because I worry about the future. I worry about if I'll be able to teach my girls good values. And if they'll even apply the good values I teach them. However, I am practicing on staying present and giving thanks for what I have. I'm also learning about how to bond with my girls so that when they have uncomfortable questions they can come to me with them. I learning how to speak to them so they feel comfortable talking to me.

I know I'm going to make mistakes along the way, but I also know that I am open to learning and adjusting my methods and correcting my mistakes. I am learning to give myself grace when I fall short of my own expectations of myself. I know my purpose is to teach my daughters and women around the world to achieve a higher level of personal wellness, laugh without fear, live with strength and dignity, and speak words of wisdom and kindness.

With consistency and patience, these tips will help improve your confidence and attitude towards aging. Aging is a part of life that no one can escape. As we age, we should grow in our wisdom, kindness and learn to laugh without worry. Our birthday is something that we should celebrate and give thanks for.

Watch the video below on the subject.

What tips do you plan to apply in your life to age confidently?