6 Benefits to Making Green Smoothies a Part of Your Daily Routine

6 Benefits to Making Green Smoothies a Part of Your Daily Routine

6 Benefits to Making Green Smoothies a Part of Your Daily Routine

Green smoothies has become a trend that, I believe, is here to stay. There are all kinds of green smoothies and all kinds of formulas. Committing to drinking green smoothies daily is a lifestyle change. It's not meant to be a temporary fix but a part of your daily routine. 

Green smoothies are easy to make. You just get some greens, a tablespoon of lemon and some fruit. And voila! You have a delicious, nutrient filled drink!

Here are the benefits of drinking a daily green smoothie

  1. Green smoothies help increase your energy. The fruit in the smoothie gives you sugar and breaking down the food in the blender helps your body absorb those nutrients faster.

  2. Green smoothies give you glowing skin. The greens in the smoothie helps clean out your system from toxins. These toxins clog your pores and ages you. The chlorophyll replenishes your skin giving it a healthy glow.

  3. Green smoothies give you clarity. The fiber in the fruits and leafy greens gives you energy and the ability to focus. This helps a lot with getting rid of brain fog.

  4. Green smoothies help strengthen your immune system. The fruits and leafy greens in your green smoothies contain vitamins K, A, C, all which helps you fight viruses and infections.

  5. Green smoothies help give you regular bowel movements. Having regular bowel movements is very important to help you flush out toxins that are giving you acne and unnecessary weight gain.

  6. Green smoothies help you lose weight. When you drink green smoothies, you're body automatically stops craving "fun" food. You will still eat "fun" food but not regularly like in the past. Furthermore, green smoothies are filled with fiber and healthy fats that keep you full and energized while reducing cravings.

Make green smoothies a part of your daily morning routine and see how your body will change and improve.

Mirley xo

P.S. Leave me a comment below about your thoughts on drinking green smoothies. 


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