7 Lessons I Learned from my Grandmothers

What lessons have you learned from your grandmothers?

What lessons have you learned from your grandmothers?

All of us will leave a legacy that will depend on the choices we make. I believe the most important impact is the impact that we leave to our children and descendants. I believe that being successful in life isn’t in the amount of money that I make but in the positive impact I make on my children and descendants.

Growing up I saw very little of my grandmothers. Both lived in South America, and we lived in California. I saw my maternal grandmother Esther 6 times in my life. I saw my paternal grandmother Eloisa a lot more because she was able to visit more often.

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Although I didn’t grow up with my grandmothers close by, I still learned a lot from them. They were both strong women who were kind and aged gracefully. They taught me a lot about living life beautifully.

Below are 7 lessons I learned from my grandmothers.

  1. Integrity: Integrity is being honest and having strong moral values. Both of my grandmothers were women of strong moral values. They didn’t allow social trends to influence their beliefs of what is right and wrong.

  2. Kindness: My grandmothers were kind women. My grandmother Esther was big on winning people over with kindness. Everyone that knew her only spoke about how kind and generous she was. My grandmother Eloisa was also loving and fun to be around.

  3. Be Classy: My grandmother Esther was a very classy woman. Her style was timeless. Sure some people would say that she was old fashioned, but that’s what made her chic. She wasn’t interested in social trends. She always looked good no matter where she went.

  4. Strength: My grandmothers were strong women. My grandmother Eloisa knew how to set boundaries. Setting boundaries are good so that people do not take advantage of your generosity and kindness.

  5. Dignity: Dignity is the state of being worthy of honor and respect. Being worthy of honor means to be worthy of respect. One has dignity from being kind to others, not gossiping and spreading lies. Both of my grandmothers were women of dignity — women who spoke the truth and were emotionally intelligent.

  6. Age Gracefully: My grandmothers were not interested in Botox, plastic surgery, make-up or even dying their hair. I know this is a personal choice, but I loved seeing them age beautifully. They weren’t afraid of aging. They embraced their age with their classy style, kindness, strength, integrity, and dignity. They aged gracefully.

  7. Trust in God: My grandmothers were both devout Christians. One year, my dad asked his mom what advise did she have for us who were staying on this earth? My grandmother Eloisa said, “Trust in God and be kind to one another.” This recording of her voice giving us that simple advise has stayed within me.

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Here are some honorable mentions of the lesson I learned from my grandmothers:

  • Home cooking is the best.

  • You may grow old, but your spirit should always be young.

  • Give thanks for every day.

  • Be happy with your blessings.

  • Be present and enjoy life.

  • Wear a dress. Be classy.

  • It’s okay to cry.

Neither of my grandmothers was a college graduate. And yet they had such wisdom. Although you may have never heard of them, they left a legacy with their children and their grandchildren of integrity, kindness, dignity, and trusting in God. That legacy is the most important legacy you can leave.

What about you?

What lesson did you learn from your grandparents? How did their legacy influence your life? How do you want to be remembered?

xo, Mirley