7 Steps to Setting Meaningful Goals

Learn how to create meaningful goals

Learn how to create meaningful goals

Have you ever created a SMART goal? I have. I really hate them. I don't get them. Supposedly they are supposed to be simple, but I find myself just unmotivated when I hear SMART goals. Maybe it's that they're too rigid and uninspiring.

Below are seven ways that write goals that in my opinion are more inspiring and achievable.

1. Choose a focus word for the year.

Every year make a point of choosing a focus word. This word will inspire you to take action on your goals. You can write this word big on a post-it note where you can see it all the time. Another option is to get your focus word on a piece of jewelry that you can wear and always be reminded of your goals for that year.

2. Visualize your life after completing the goal.

What will your life look like once you achieved your goal? Will you have more freedom, will you have more energy to be with your family, what will life be like? When you see yourself in a different light, you suddenly become more motivated to work for your goals and take the correct steps to achieve them.

3. Write down your values.

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What are your values? Values are beliefs that do not change over time. (Although, they might change if you've adopted a new set of beliefs.) They are the foundation for why you do the things that you do. These values are a part of your identity. It's always good to have your values displayed in your home somewhere.

4. Write down your priorities.

What are your priorities? Priorities are those things or people that are the most important to you at the moment. Your priorities do change over time with the different seasons in your life.

5. Write down every dream small or big that's in your heart.

What are your dreams? Write them all down. These dreams could be like your bucket list. However, the point of writing them down is to make them into a reality. What are you going to do to make these dreams come true?

6. Write down how you'll feel if you let your fears get in the way of your dreams.

How will you feel if you never achieve these dreams? Will you be full of regret? Will you be full of bitterness when you see someone else make their dreams come true? It's never good to let your fears get in the way of your dreams. Take the steps you need to take to make them into a reality.

7. Write down your goals as if you've already achieved them.

Write your goals in the present tense. For example, "I am an author," "I am a business owner." These statements will help clarify your dreams and see if this is something you really want to achieve now, later or never.

When you apply this goal setting strategy, you'll see how much easier it is to make your dreams into goals, and your goals into a reality.

Watch the video below where I discuss more on the subject.