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5 Ways to Age Confidently

5 Ways to Age Confidently

5 Ways to Age Confidently

We live in a day and age where beauty is celebrated. We don’t look at the wisdom of people but how youthful they look when they are in fact older.

I know I’m guilty of this too. I like to look youthful and I’m always trying on skincare to see if it makes me look 10 years younger. Skincare is definitely a vice of mine.

Proverbs 31:30 says, “Charm is deceptive, and beauty does not last; but a woman who fears the Lord will be greatly praised.” I honestly love this verse because it reminds us of what beauty is. In our modern day society we confuse beauty with kindness, beauty with strength, beauty with knowledge and wisdom. However, outer beauty doesn't last. It is our character that defines our natural beauty. It is how we treat others that defines our natural beauty. It is our wisdom that defines our natural beauty.

February is my birthday month and I’ve been talking about aging. Aging is something that no one escapes. Our birthday’s are a reason to celebrate and give thanks for all of our blessings. We can either age with happily or age grumpily. How we view aging is a choice.

Today I want to talk about five ways to age confidently. These tips will help bring more joy into your life and to the lives of others.

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  1. Be Open to Learn: No one knows everything. There is always something to learn. And if we’re open, we can continue to learn new valuable things every day. I do want to clarify that learning doesn’t mean accepting or applying. It just means to learn and have a better understanding of a concept that you may not be familiar with.

  2. Live on Purpose: When you know your purpose, you can create a fulfilled life. To live on purpose means work around your fear and work on your confidence to do what you’re meant to do, well.

  3. Live in the Present: Living in the present can take some practice. Living in the present requires you to focus on what’s in front of you. Not on what happened in the past or worry about the future.

  4. Grace Not Perfection: No matter how much we work on ourselves, we are always going to make mistakes. It’s part of the human experience. When we do mess up, we need to learn to forgive ourselves. Especially if we’re working on acquiring new skills that will make us better human beings. We have to be patient and kind with ourselves during this time.

  5. Give Thanks: When you give thanks for your blessings you live a happier more fulfilled life. There is something about giving thanks that your perspective on life improves. Make it a habit to give thanks daily and see how your attitude improves.

Living in the present can be a challenge for me sometimes because I worry about the future. I worry about if I'll be able to teach my girls good values. And if they'll even apply the good values I teach them. However, I am practicing on staying present and giving thanks for what I have. I'm also learning about how to bond with my girls so that when they have uncomfortable questions they can come to me with them. I learning how to speak to them so they feel comfortable talking to me.

I know I'm going to make mistakes along the way, but I also know that I am open to learning and adjusting my methods and correcting my mistakes. I am learning to give myself grace when I fall short of my own expectations of myself. I know my purpose is to teach my daughters and women around the world to achieve a higher level of personal wellness, laugh without fear, live with strength and dignity, and speak words of wisdom and kindness.

With consistency and patience, these tips will help improve your confidence and attitude towards aging. Aging is a part of life that no one can escape. As we age, we should grow in our wisdom, kindness and learn to laugh without worry. Our birthday is something that we should celebrate and give thanks for.

Watch the video below on the subject.

What tips do you plan to apply in your life to age confidently?

7 Lessons I Learned from my Grandmothers

What lessons have you learned from your grandmothers?

What lessons have you learned from your grandmothers?

All of us will leave a legacy that will depend on the choices we make. I believe the most important impact is the impact that we leave to our children and descendants. I believe that being successful in life isn’t in the amount of money that I make but in the positive impact I make on my children and descendants.

Growing up I saw very little of my grandmothers. Both lived in South America, and we lived in California. I saw my maternal grandmother Esther 6 times in my life. I saw my paternal grandmother Eloisa a lot more because she was able to visit more often.

2012-07-29 10.19.24.jpg

Although I didn’t grow up with my grandmothers close by, I still learned a lot from them. They were both strong women who were kind and aged gracefully. They taught me a lot about living life beautifully.

Below are 7 lessons I learned from my grandmothers.

  1. Integrity: Integrity is being honest and having strong moral values. Both of my grandmothers were women of strong moral values. They didn’t allow social trends to influence their beliefs of what is right and wrong.

  2. Kindness: My grandmothers were kind women. My grandmother Esther was big on winning people over with kindness. Everyone that knew her only spoke about how kind and generous she was. My grandmother Eloisa was also loving and fun to be around.

  3. Be Classy: My grandmother Esther was a very classy woman. Her style was timeless. Sure some people would say that she was old fashioned, but that’s what made her chic. She wasn’t interested in social trends. She always looked good no matter where she went.

  4. Strength: My grandmothers were strong women. My grandmother Eloisa knew how to set boundaries. Setting boundaries are good so that people do not take advantage of your generosity and kindness.

  5. Dignity: Dignity is the state of being worthy of honor and respect. Being worthy of honor means to be worthy of respect. One has dignity from being kind to others, not gossiping and spreading lies. Both of my grandmothers were women of dignity — women who spoke the truth and were emotionally intelligent.

  6. Age Gracefully: My grandmothers were not interested in Botox, plastic surgery, make-up or even dying their hair. I know this is a personal choice, but I loved seeing them age beautifully. They weren’t afraid of aging. They embraced their age with their classy style, kindness, strength, integrity, and dignity. They aged gracefully.

  7. Trust in God: My grandmothers were both devout Christians. One year, my dad asked his mom what advise did she have for us who were staying on this earth? My grandmother Eloisa said, “Trust in God and be kind to one another.” This recording of her voice giving us that simple advise has stayed within me.

Quotes (8).png

Here are some honorable mentions of the lesson I learned from my grandmothers:

  • Home cooking is the best.

  • You may grow old, but your spirit should always be young.

  • Give thanks for every day.

  • Be happy with your blessings.

  • Be present and enjoy life.

  • Wear a dress. Be classy.

  • It’s okay to cry.

Neither of my grandmothers was a college graduate. And yet they had such wisdom. Although you may have never heard of them, they left a legacy with their children and their grandchildren of integrity, kindness, dignity, and trusting in God. That legacy is the most important legacy you can leave.

What about you?

What lesson did you learn from your grandparents? How did their legacy influence your life? How do you want to be remembered?

xo, Mirley

How to Create a Mindset for Success

Do you know  how to Create a Mindset for Success?

Do you know how to Create a Mindset for Success?

Hi Friend!

Creating a positive mindset takes practice. For some of us it comes more naturally. For others, it’s harder to see the good. Sometimes it seems easier to complain about things rather than give thanks.

This doesn’t mean we should not vent. I’m all about venting…with the right people and with the idea that you’re open for solutions. It’s healthy to vent. But it’s not healthy to be constantly complaining.

However, I do believe that we can change our attitude by changing some of our habits.

  1. Create a Morning Ritual: Create a morning ritual that includes putting you in a good mood. This means, avoiding looking at social media, exercising, praying, reading a good book. Whatever it takes for you to wake up happy.

  2. Write down your goals daily based on your priorities: It’s good practice to write down your goals daily in the past tense. When you write down your goals daily you’re able to see if those goals are really what you want. You mind also starts shifting to make sure you’re taking the steps needed to make that goal into a reality.

  3. Write down affirmations: Write down affirmations that help put your mind into a positive state.

  4. Give Thanks: Look around you and give thanks for what you have. Write down three things you’re grateful for. When you make this a habit, your mind starts focusing on the blessings in your life.

  5. Focus on the good: We do have the ability to control our thoughts. We do this by focusing on the blessing we have in our lives, on our goals and purpose.

One of the projects that has been on the back of my mind is to create a planner/journal. I created a sample PDF for a bigger project that I have in mind for the future. My planner includes a place to write down an inspirational quote, your three priorities and what task you need to do to complete them a scheduler, a place to doodle and take notes, and a place to give thanks. 

I absolutely love this planner and can't wait to get it into print. You can download a sample today by going to the link below and downloading it. I hope this planner helps you as it is helping me.

When you apply these five steps into your life, you’re creating a mind for success. This mindset will help you stay on path to achieve your goals no matter how long they take.

Live Beautifully,


P.S. Watch the video below where I discuss the subject more.

7 Steps to Setting Meaningful Goals

Learn how to create meaningful goals

Learn how to create meaningful goals

Have you ever created a SMART goal? I have. I really hate them. I don't get them. Supposedly they are supposed to be simple, but I find myself just unmotivated when I hear SMART goals. Maybe it's that they're too rigid and uninspiring.

Below are seven ways that write goals that in my opinion are more inspiring and achievable.

1. Choose a focus word for the year.

Every year make a point of choosing a focus word. This word will inspire you to take action on your goals. You can write this word big on a post-it note where you can see it all the time. Another option is to get your focus word on a piece of jewelry that you can wear and always be reminded of your goals for that year.

2. Visualize your life after completing the goal.

What will your life look like once you achieved your goal? Will you have more freedom, will you have more energy to be with your family, what will life be like? When you see yourself in a different light, you suddenly become more motivated to work for your goals and take the correct steps to achieve them.

3. Write down your values.

Joe vitale quote

What are your values? Values are beliefs that do not change over time. (Although, they might change if you've adopted a new set of beliefs.) They are the foundation for why you do the things that you do. These values are a part of your identity. It's always good to have your values displayed in your home somewhere.

4. Write down your priorities.

What are your priorities? Priorities are those things or people that are the most important to you at the moment. Your priorities do change over time with the different seasons in your life.

5. Write down every dream small or big that's in your heart.

What are your dreams? Write them all down. These dreams could be like your bucket list. However, the point of writing them down is to make them into a reality. What are you going to do to make these dreams come true?

6. Write down how you'll feel if you let your fears get in the way of your dreams.

How will you feel if you never achieve these dreams? Will you be full of regret? Will you be full of bitterness when you see someone else make their dreams come true? It's never good to let your fears get in the way of your dreams. Take the steps you need to take to make them into a reality.

7. Write down your goals as if you've already achieved them.

Write your goals in the present tense. For example, "I am an author," "I am a business owner." These statements will help clarify your dreams and see if this is something you really want to achieve now, later or never.

When you apply this goal setting strategy, you'll see how much easier it is to make your dreams into goals, and your goals into a reality.

Watch the video below where I discuss more on the subject.

5 Ways to Create Space in Your Life

Do you need more space to play in your life?

Do you need more space to play in your life?

Hi Friend!

This week I worked on creating space in my life by eliminating activities that are not fulfilling me. There are still activities that I'm on the fence about but I will figure them out in time. I'm creating space in my life because I want to spend quality time with my daughters. It's true that I'm a stay at home mom, but there is always something to do around the house. I feel bad because the whole point of me staying at home was to spend quality time with my girls and yet I'm preoccupied with other things.

So this year, I'm making a point of spending time to play with them, learning with them, as well as working out at home and drinking a superfoods drink every day. You see, if I don't take care of myself, I won't have the energy or strength I need to take care of my girls and family. Spending time with my girls is a lot of fun and it's those moments that help us bond and grow together. It's not just about me being at home.

This week I want to share with you five ways to create space in your life. When you create space in your life, you're able to relax more and spend time with those that you love.

We live in a hectic world, and it's up to us to make our lives more busy or calmer. We can add more activities to our lives that will make us busier, or we can remove things from our schedule and have time to spend with our family and friends.

However, if your goal is to be calmer this year and to spend more quality time with your family, then please read the following ways to do so.

1. Remove Activities from Your Schedule

We can overload ourselves with activities and projects to do. We can be more involved with extracurricular classes or committees. However, all this does is make us more stressed and tired. There is only so much time in the day to do all the things we want to do, and we can't do it all. The best way to solve this problem is to see what activities fulfill you. Which ones add to your life and which ones you dread. Those that you dread, you want to remove from your schedule and make space for something that you do love to do.

2. Remove Apps from your Phone

Our phones contain a lot of space that we can fill with unnecessary apps that don't fulfill us and instead take up room. Remove all of those apps that don't serve you and leave the ones that do.

3. Remove Contacts from your Phone

Remove contacts that you don't talk to anymore. Those contacts take up space in your phone and your mind. It's time to remove them and make room for those people that we want to create better relationships with.

4. Remove Podcasts from your phone

Delete podcasts that don't serve you. There are so many amazing podcasts out there, but we don't have the bandwidth to absorb all of the excellent information out there. Decide to have no more than five podcasts to listen to and no more. I know how hard this can be, but it's worth removing the number of podcasts we hear to so that we can listen to more music or the conversations of our loved ones.

5. Close Social Media Accounts

This one may be hard to do but, it may also be necessary. Close social media accounts that don't serve you. You know, the ones that you stress about opening up because you're afraid of what you're going to see. Those accounts need to be closed because they are bringing you more anxiety than not. Remove people that you're following that bring you stress. You don't need that kind of energy in your life.

These are the five items to remove from your life to make your life more fulfilled and joyful. Let me know what things will be removed from your life so that you have more time for your loved ones.

Watch the video below, where I explain more.

How to Live Simply & Happy

Do you want to live simply and happy?

Do you want to live simply and happy?

I have a tendency to get easily overwhelmed. I don't know what it is, but when I start to do too much or I find that I have a lot to do with very little time, I begin to stress out. I really don't like that feeling. The stress builds up and then I become anxious and then I become short and unpleasant with my family. I really hate the feeling. I feel like I'm not the nicest person to be around when I'm stressed out due to the overwhelm. 

The way I work with this is that I reduce what I have in my home and on my schedule. I don't participate in a lot of activities and I also make a point of not being in charge of too many things because I become stressed and I don't perform my duties well. Reducing both the amount of things I have in my home and the amount of activities I or my children participate in, is key to me being calm, present, and happy. I simplify my life, so that I may be happy and pleasant to be around. 

The tagline of Natural Beauty Method is Live Simply & Happy because this is the life that I want all women, including myself and my daughters, to have. Living a simple and happy life makes the world so much more beautiful and enjoyable. The question is how to live such a life. I come up with three pillars to living a simple and happy life.

Pillar #1: Embrace Calm

When you embrace calm, you are able to live presently. This includes decluttering and removing all things that are not necessary to have in order to create space. When you create space, you can breathe easier. Removing all activities from your schedule that doesn't fulfill you. Practicing gratitude on a daily basis and remembering that life is about Grace Not Perfection.

Pillar #2: Practice Self-Care

Self-care is so much more than me time. It's eating well, making time to exercise, sleeping and using safer beauty products. When you put in place all of these habits, your hormones become balanced, you become less stressed, which in turn makes you happier.

Pillar #3: Live Confidently

Use daily affirmations to help change your mindset to a positive one. Stop comparing yourself with others but instead celebrate their success. Learn to speak kindly to yourself and stop the self-abuse of speaking so harshly to yourself.

When you put all of these practices into play, you're going to see how calm and satisfying your life will be. Life has tough moments, but it's up to us to make it beautiful.

Watch the short 10 minute video below where I explain even more.

What are you doing to simplify your life so that you can be happier? Let me know in the comments below!

Live Simply & Happy,


3 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

3 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

3 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

Hi Friend!

I just wanted to tell you that happiness is a choice. However, it is true that there are moments in our lives when it is difficult to be happy. That said, there are ways to boost your happiness even during difficult times.

  1. Make Peace With Your Past

Many of us have made decisions in our past that we're not pleased with. Some of the best ways to combat those feelings are to look at what you learned from the experience. What did you learn about yourself, what are your strengths and weaknesses? What brings you joy and sadness?

2. Practice Daily Gratitude

Giving thanks daily is a wonderful way to boost your happiness. It forces you to focus on the good you have in life. It forces you to stay present and enjoy life more. Even when you look at those points in life that were not so happy, make a point of seeing what good came out of those moments. Giving thanks for your days will brighten up your life.

3. Don't Compare Yourself With Others

Comparison is a big issue in our society mainly due to social media. Rather than comparing yourself with others, try and celebrate their accomplishments. If someone's post is continuously bothering you, you may want to either mute them or just unfollow them. It's not worth ruining your day over.

Audrey Hepburn "Happy Girls are the prettiest."

One of my favorite classic icons is Audrey Hepburn. I love her timeless style and her kind heart. She loved to eat pasta and was very humble. I named my first born after her.

“Happy girls are the prettiest,” is one of my all-time favorite Audrey Hepburn quotes. It says so much. If we smile and are truly happy, somehow we are just more attractive and confident in ourselves. 

Copy of Affirmations & Quotes (1).png

Live Happy Challenge

Choose one of the topics to focus on and change. If you need to make peace with your past, in a notebook write down what you learned from it. If you need to be more thankful, in a journal write down 3 things you're grateful for. If you need to stop comparing yourself with others, learn to celebrate others successes or just unfollow those people that make you miserable.

Watch the video below where I explain more on the subject.

Live Simply & Happy,


How to Simplify Your Life

How to Simplify Your Life

How to Simplify Your Life

Hi Friend!

We live in a very busy world. There’s a lot of noise and distractions pulling us in so many directions. All of these things are keeping us from being present for the people who need us most…not to mention it’s also causing us stress!

I love to learn and easily get caught up in the noise and business of life. It’s so much fun for me to learn, but it’s really hard for me to keep up with everyone’s suggestions. Not to mention, that I can’t apply them all and it’s too difficult for me to keep up!

Emily Ley Quote

Emily Ley Quote

The fact is that possessions may actually control you more than you think. Of course we want to enjoy what we have. Possessions don’t have eternal value so it’s healthy to give items we’re not using away or just throw them away. I personally love to give things away or just throw them away. If I believe someone can get more use out of the item, then I give it to them, if not, then I just toss it.

How do I solve the problem of too much? I declutter! However, decluttering isn’t just about throwing things away in the home that you don’t need. It’s about simplifying who you’re listening to. How many podcasts do you listen to? How many YouTube videos do you watch? All of that noise is building up stress and it’s really important that you remove unnecessary noise from your life.

Once I started eliminating the unnecessary programs that I listen to, I'm able to listen to music. I am able to be more present for my daughters and husband. And this makes me happier and calmer.

What does clutter do to you?

John Maeda Quote

John Maeda Quote

  • Stresses you out

  • Keeps you tired

  • Confuses you as to where to begin

  • Overwhelms you

  • Blocks your ability to move forward

  • Limits God from showing the way

What should I get rid of?

  • Workout videos you don't use

  • Workout equipment

  • Cancel your gym membership and use the workout videos

  • Fitness magazines

  • Recipe books

Take the Clutter Test

  • Does it fit who I am?

  • Do I get excited when I look at it?

  • Do I love it?

  • Is it useful?

  • Is it necessary?

What do I do with my old stuff?

  • Donate it

  • Sell it online (There are many sites like Amazon, Ebay, Criag's List and more)

  • Save it and use it!

What does decluttering do for me?

  • Makes me feel light

  • Allows me to breathe

  • Allows me to make clear decisions

  • Forces me to get back on track

I hope this helps you. Let me know of all the things you got rid of.

Watch the video below where I explain more on the subject.

What do you have to eliminate from your life to make it more simple? Let me know in the comments below.

Live Simply & Happy,


Reach Your Goals One Step At A Time

Reach Your Goals One Step At A Time

Reach Your Goals One Step At A Time

Goals can be tricky. We all want to achieve our goals, but sometimes we get overwhelmed once we're done writing them down. We don't know where to start. Continue reading the following posts to figure out how to reach your goals, one step at a time.

First, begin by brainstorming all of your goals. This could include eating healthy as well as exercising or any other project you want to accomplish. Write them all down. 

Second, highlight the ones that you can accomplish in the next month. Try to only highlight between 3-5 goals. 

Third, write down the steps you need to take to get to your overall goal. These steps include:

  • Write down everything you need to do less of (i.e. buy "fun" foods at home, eating out)

  • Write down things you need to do more of (i.e. cook more at home, purchase more whole foods)

  • Write down everything you need stop doing completely order to reach your goal (i.e. stop eating out for lunch and bring my own lunch to work)

  • Write down things you need to try this month (i.e. new ingredients that make my cooking healthier, new recipes, etc.)

  • Write down what do you want to feel/look when you accomplish your goal (i.e. healthier, lighter, stronger, more energy, etc.)

Reaching your goals doesn't happen over night. It takes time and effort. It takes consistency. It's not easy, but the journey is fun and worthwhile. You learn something new about yourself everyday. Everyday is a challenge you can improve on...even when things don't go as planned. 

Let me know in the comments below, is this blog post helps you look at your goals with ease rather than stress.



  1. Johnson, Chalene. SmartLife Push Journal. SmartLife, Inc, 2017.

Lessons from my babies

What have children taught you?

What have children taught you?

Five months ago I gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She is a handful but seriously so much fun! Over the last 5 months I've learned so much from her and continue to learn. Here are five lessons she has taught me.

1. Wake up Happy
Every morning when my daughter wakes up, she wakes up with a smile. She is so happy to start a new day. So happy to see the sun and to make the best of the day. 
In this same way, we should wake up with a smile. I know we are sometimes tired or don't want to wake up so early but every day is a new day to make the best of. A new day to make change and do something new.

2. Be excited about life
My daughter is starting to explore everything. She is so excited by all the new things that are around her. Everything is exciting, everything has life and everything is worth smiling about. 

If there is something I haven't lost is getting excited about new things. Whether it's new soap, new book or something I've just never seen. This excitement over things makes life worth living. I don't necessarily go out and look for new things, I just spot them. Try looking for new things and getting excited about it. Trust me, it makes life a lot of fun. 

3. Be present
Guess who is teaching me to keep the phone out of my bed? Yup! My daughter. In the morning when she wakes up I feed her in my bed and let her hang out there. She does not like it when I have my phone out. She'll be telling me a baby story and smiling and I'll have my phone behind her head. She'll stop her story and look at the phone and stop smiling. I've noticed that this phone does not make her happy. 

My daughter wants me present. She wants me there attentive to her stories. I'm learning to put my phone away when I'm with her...except when I'm taking pictures. That said, being present is very important. Every day with her brings something new. I don't want to miss it because I was on my phone.

4. Move
My daughter loves to move around. She has a lot of energy. If she could, she would run around everywhere. She is very happy when she is active. She smiles, she giggles, she is alive. 

Moving, exercising, doing something out doors is a great way to bring back life into your body. It's a great way to pump blood into your system and make those endorphins come alive! Moving makes you happy :)

5. Eat
Eating for adults and babies is a different. However, I'm learning somethings from her that I think apply to us all. Whenever, my daughter is hungry she eats. When she is full, she stops. She does not eat more than she can handle and she eats what her body needs. 

In this same way, we should listen to our bodies and only eat what we can. Over eating does nothing good for our body. Listen to your body and when you are full stop. 

Now it's your turn. In the comments below share what lessons have they taught you? 
I can't wait to hear from you!