How to Create a Mindset for Success

Do you know  how to Create a Mindset for Success?

Do you know how to Create a Mindset for Success?

Hi Friend!

Creating a positive mindset takes practice. For some of us it comes more naturally. For others, it’s harder to see the good. Sometimes it seems easier to complain about things rather than give thanks.

This doesn’t mean we should not vent. I’m all about venting…with the right people and with the idea that you’re open for solutions. It’s healthy to vent. But it’s not healthy to be constantly complaining.

However, I do believe that we can change our attitude by changing some of our habits.

  1. Create a Morning Ritual: Create a morning ritual that includes putting you in a good mood. This means, avoiding looking at social media, exercising, praying, reading a good book. Whatever it takes for you to wake up happy.

  2. Write down your goals daily based on your priorities: It’s good practice to write down your goals daily in the past tense. When you write down your goals daily you’re able to see if those goals are really what you want. You mind also starts shifting to make sure you’re taking the steps needed to make that goal into a reality.

  3. Write down affirmations: Write down affirmations that help put your mind into a positive state.

  4. Give Thanks: Look around you and give thanks for what you have. Write down three things you’re grateful for. When you make this a habit, your mind starts focusing on the blessings in your life.

  5. Focus on the good: We do have the ability to control our thoughts. We do this by focusing on the blessing we have in our lives, on our goals and purpose.

One of the projects that has been on the back of my mind is to create a planner/journal. I created a sample PDF for a bigger project that I have in mind for the future. My planner includes a place to write down an inspirational quote, your three priorities and what task you need to do to complete them a scheduler, a place to doodle and take notes, and a place to give thanks. 

I absolutely love this planner and can't wait to get it into print. You can download a sample today by going to the link below and downloading it. I hope this planner helps you as it is helping me.

When you apply these five steps into your life, you’re creating a mind for success. This mindset will help you stay on path to achieve your goals no matter how long they take.

Live Beautifully,


P.S. Watch the video below where I discuss the subject more.