How to Simplify Your Life

How to Simplify Your Life

How to Simplify Your Life

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We live in a very busy world. There’s a lot of noise and distractions pulling us in so many directions. All of these things are keeping us from being present for the people who need us most…not to mention it’s also causing us stress!

I love to learn and easily get caught up in the noise and business of life. It’s so much fun for me to learn, but it’s really hard for me to keep up with everyone’s suggestions. Not to mention, that I can’t apply them all and it’s too difficult for me to keep up!

Emily Ley Quote

Emily Ley Quote

The fact is that possessions may actually control you more than you think. Of course we want to enjoy what we have. Possessions don’t have eternal value so it’s healthy to give items we’re not using away or just throw them away. I personally love to give things away or just throw them away. If I believe someone can get more use out of the item, then I give it to them, if not, then I just toss it.

How do I solve the problem of too much? I declutter! However, decluttering isn’t just about throwing things away in the home that you don’t need. It’s about simplifying who you’re listening to. How many podcasts do you listen to? How many YouTube videos do you watch? All of that noise is building up stress and it’s really important that you remove unnecessary noise from your life.

Once I started eliminating the unnecessary programs that I listen to, I'm able to listen to music. I am able to be more present for my daughters and husband. And this makes me happier and calmer.

What does clutter do to you?

John Maeda Quote

John Maeda Quote

  • Stresses you out

  • Keeps you tired

  • Confuses you as to where to begin

  • Overwhelms you

  • Blocks your ability to move forward

  • Limits God from showing the way

What should I get rid of?

  • Workout videos you don't use

  • Workout equipment

  • Cancel your gym membership and use the workout videos

  • Fitness magazines

  • Recipe books

Take the Clutter Test

  • Does it fit who I am?

  • Do I get excited when I look at it?

  • Do I love it?

  • Is it useful?

  • Is it necessary?

What do I do with my old stuff?

  • Donate it

  • Sell it online (There are many sites like Amazon, Ebay, Criag's List and more)

  • Save it and use it!

What does decluttering do for me?

  • Makes me feel light

  • Allows me to breathe

  • Allows me to make clear decisions

  • Forces me to get back on track

I hope this helps you. Let me know of all the things you got rid of.

Watch the video below where I explain more on the subject.

What do you have to eliminate from your life to make it more simple? Let me know in the comments below.

Live Simply & Happy,