Point and Read Strategy

Point and Read Strategy

I learned one of the best reading strategies from one of my teacher mentors. She was a movie start kindergarten teacher that got all of her students to read by the end of the year. Her strategy was simple: Point and Read. The point and read strategy is incredible simple and it goes like this:

  1. Beginner: Point to the words and read, and then have your student read after you.

  2. Intermediate: Point to the words and read together.

  3. Advanced: Point to the words and read individually.

I know this strategy sounds so simple that you may wonder how it’s so good; but it is. It’s simple and it’s so wonderful that kids want to read with you. That’s the important part. They’re excited to learn and will follow along.

*Note: Don’t force your student to read. Allow him or her want to read so that the experience will be more pleasant for the both of you.

Watch the video below where I give you a visual demonstration on how to Point and Read.