Three Reasons Why Simple is Better

Three Reasons Why Simple is Better

Three Reasons Why Simple is Better

Have you ever been to a spa and felt relaxed and alive. There is something about going to a well put together spa with the right colors, furniture, smell and aura. It makes you feel like you’re walking in the clouds.

The reason why these spas have such an inviting aura is because they are simple. Their colors are light and airy. They don’t have a lot of furniture but just enough. Their furniture is of high quality but it’s not overpowering.

Having a home that has that aura may be challenging but doable. I personally try and keep that fresh aura in my home by not having too many things. It is challenging when you have kids, but I’m working on teaching my girls that their playroom is where their toys go. It is messy…but there is something sweet about it too, in my opinion.

Last week I talked about simplifying your kitchen. If you haven't read that article, you can find that article here. I mentioned all the places you can find clutter and what stuff you can get rid of. Even now after I did my decluttering, I still find things that I could have gotten rid of. 

This week I want to talk about the benefits of decluttering your home. The fact is that simple is better. Although I love museums and go to one every chance I get...but I honestly don't want my house to look like a museum but a resort. 

Here are the benefits of having a clutter free kitchen: 

1. It's safer

I have a toddler and having too many sharp utensil can be dangerous. Fortunately I don't have a climber but nevertheless I need to make sure everything is in it's place. When one has too many sharp objects, it can be very easy to forget about them and accidents can happen. It's always best to have what is necessary to avoid any kind of dangerous accidents. 

2. It's beautiful

We all love those magazines with the beautiful kitchens. If you notice, the one common theme in all of the kitchens is that they don't have a lot of things. Those kitchens have what is necessary. The kitchen looks spotless and inviting. Just having a kitchen with less things is also stress free. There is something about more space that brings peace to the mind.

3. It's easier to clean

I know many of us love clean rooms, homes and things...but we dread the cleaning process. However, when you have less stuff, it's a lot easier to clean your space. Too many things makes the cleaning process that much worse. 

If you haven't decluttered your kitchen yet, make sure to schedule some time and remove all the items you don't use. You'll see how much more you'll love your kitchen and home.

Mirley xo