What is Healthy Simplicity all about?

Do want to learn how to simplify healthy living?

Do want to learn how to simplify healthy living?

Recently I changed my blog name to healthy simplicity because I believe there is more to health and wellness than nutrition and fitness. I believe it’s more than clean beauty. I believe health and wellness also incorporate living a simple/minimalist life. I believe it’s learning to live with contentment.

Learning to live minimally and with contentment will help you reduce stress and anxiety and build your confidence. Below are 5 lifestyle habits I believe we need to change in order to reduce stress, be kind to ourselves and others and be healthy.

Simplify Your Home
  1. Simplifying our home so we can stop picking up after our family and start living peacefully and being present.

  2. Removing toxins from our home and life so we can live with optimal health and wellness

  3. Taking care of our bodies so we can be there for our loved ones.

  4. Pursuing peace over perfection, embracing grace over guilt, and cultivating our confidence.

  5. Being women of strength and dignity who laugh without fear, and speak words of wisdom and kindness.

I believe that these five principles will help you be more present and have a more joyful life.

I believe that health begins in the home. We may have a decent “healthy” routine with exercise and nutrition but if our home is out of order, it affects us with stress.

When we strive for a perfect healthy routine, it affects our stress.

When we gossip, lie or hurt ourselves, we become insecure, and not women of strength and dignity.

Simplicity is healthy and in all areas in our life, we must strive for simplicity in order to achieve better health and wellness.

Watch the video below where I talk more on the subject.