5 Reasons Why Portion Control Works

Do you over eat on certain foods?

Do you over eat on certain foods?

About four years ago I learned about the portion control containers. These containers were meant to show me how much food from each food group I was eating. They helped me see which food category I lacked in and which food category I was overeating.

What I learned was that as a vegetarian I was eating too many carbohydrates and not enough protein; this includes plant protein. These rainbow-colored containers help you add more flavor to your food without adding calories.

Below are 5 reasons why portion control works for everyone.

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  1. You may be eating too many healthy foods. Have you ever thought that it was wrong to eat too many healthy foods? Well, it turns out that too much of anything isn’t good for you; this includes water. When you eat too many healthy foods of a particular category, your body doesn't respond well. It craves nutrients from other foods, and your body ends up being out of balance.

  2. You may not be eating enough. I was astonished at the fact that although I was eating a lot, I actually wasn't eating enough. I needed to eat more veggies and plant protein to keep my active body awake. Although I was eating healthy, the food containers helped me visually see how much more food I needed to be eating.

  3. You may be overeating your favorite foods. Of course, we all have our favorite foods, but if we only at pasta, fries, or cheesecake, our bodies would be lacking in essential nutrients that other foods have to offer. We would not be performing at our highest potential because our body would be lacking in nutrients.

  4. Eating unbalanced leads to lethargy, brain fog, and much more. When we don't eat foods that nourish our bodies, our bodies begin to react in various ways. For some, it may be acne, eczema, and skin irritations. For others, it may be weight gain, brain fog, and lethargy. Just because one may be eating a bag of chips of day and not gaining any additional weight doesn't mean the chemically processed food isn't doing any harm. Trust me I know this one from experience.

  5. You feel full and nourished. When you eat healthily, you have more energy. You're not always hungry...which leads to eating foods that are not good for you. They are just filling in for a craving because you're not eating enough or you're not eating the right types of foods.

All in all, when you use these fantastic rainbow containers, you're able to see how to put together a healthy meal that is meant to nourish you.

Are you interested in learning more about these rainbow food containers? Watch the video below for more information.